Indian Economics Association's core publication is its main journal, The Indian Economic Journal, published by SAGE Publications India Ltd. ( Besides this, the Indian Economic Association brings out publications on select themes from time to time. Every year on the themes of the Annual Conference, the Conference Volumes of Indian Economic Journal are published, which consist of select papers and abstracts of a large number of submissions made for presentation at the Conference. The Conference Volume covers all the four themes selected for the conference every year. All members who attend the Annual Conference are entitled for one free copy of the Conference Volume.

The Presidential Address of each year is published as a monograph and circulated among all those who attend the conference. All members of the Association are entitled for one copy of the Presidential address. It has become a convention to publish the text of the Presidential address, later in the Indian Economic Journal,- normally in the April-June Issue of the subsequent year (Annual Conference is normally held towards the end of December every year).

The Association organizes a number of Memorial and Special Lectures too during the Annual Conference. Monographs of these lectures are published and distributed during the Annul Conferences. Some of these Memorial Lectures are also published in the Indian Economic Journal, at some later date.

The Association has also published the collection of the Presidential Addresses as edited volumes, covering the period from 1917 to 2003.

Below is given a list of the Edited Volumes of Presidential Addresses of the past few years:

IEA Presidential Addresses during 1917-2003

1. 1917-1931 : Economic Development and Policies in India, (ed.) Gandhi, P.J., Rs. 150.
2. 1932-1946 : Structural Changes in India: Some Dimensions, (ed.) Singh, Ghanshyam N., Rs. 350.
3. 1947-1962 : Economic Theory, Policies and Development, (ed.) Singh, L.S., Rs. 250.
4. 1963-1976 : Planning and Development in India, (ed.) Sinha, R.K., Rs. 250.

Alll these volumes are published by Har-Anand Publications 364A, Chirag Delhi, New Delhi-110 017, IEA Members will receive these 4 Volumes for Rs. 100/- only from the Publisher, until the stocks exist.
5. 1977-1991 : From Diamond to Platinum, (ed.) Sen, R.K. (with IIDS). Rs 100. Rs. 400. Contains the Presidential Address of IEA Former President Nobel Laureate Prof. Amartya Sen.
6. 1992-1996 : International Economics, Globalisation and Banking in India after Reforms, Rs. 200
7. 80 Years of the IEA : Memoirs by IEA Former Presidents, Rs. 200
8. 1997-2003 : Indian Economic Development : Globalisation, Transformation, Equity, Crime and Economic Thinking: Deep & Deep Publications, New Delhi, Rs. 200.

IEA Members can purchase each of these volumes for Rs. 100 only by placing an order to the former Secretary & Treasurer, IEA, 221A, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Calcutta-700 004.

IEA Conferences/Seminars Edited Volumes:

Employment Policies and Programmes: Opportunities and Challenges, A.K. Thakur, B.P. Chandramohan
Human Resource Development and employment: Education and Unemployment Problems, A.K. Thakur, Mohan Bhai Patel
Macro Economic Drivers of Employment Growth: New Innovations, A.K. Thakur, Dalip Kumar
Economic Growth and Employment: Pre and Post Reform Analysis and Challenges, Abhishek Kumar
Structural Changes in Employment Generation: New Approaches, A.K. Thakur, Bharti Pandey
Changing Pattern and Quality of Employment: Impact on Income Inequality and Social Change, Deepti Taneja
Demographic Dividend and Employment: Policy Measures and Challenges, A.K. Thakur, S.S. Somra
Employment Trends and Disparities, Aparna Bhardwaj
Global Economic Crisis and Impact on Indian Economy (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, Deepti Taneja Rs.1250
Agriculture and Food Security (Eds.) Dalip Kumar, Asmi Raza Rs. 1500
Asian Economic Integration (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, A. Sharma Rs.1250
Banking and Financial Sector Reforms in India (Eds.) A. Banerjee, S.K. Singh Rs. 990
Challenges of Education in 21st Century (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, M. Patel Rs.2050
Crime, Corruption and Development (Eds.) D. Narasimha Reddy Rs. 800
Crime and Corruption in Indian Economy (Eds.) R.K. Sen, A. Dasgupta, M.K. Dasgupta Rs.850
Economic Geography and Development (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, Deepa Rawat Rs. 1680
Economic Liberalisation and Its Implications for Employment (Eds.) A. Mathur, P.S. Raikhy Rs. 990
Economic Reforms and Employment (Eds.) P.D. Hajela, M.P. Goswami Rs. 950
Economic Thoughts of Dadabhai Naoroji (Ed.)P.D. Hajela Rs. 450
Economic Thoughts on Justice and Equity (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, Dalip Kumar Rs. 780
Economics and Ethics (Ed.) S. Uma Devi Rs. 400
Economic Ideas of Professor A.K. Dasgupta (Ed.) S.C. Srivastava Rs.480
Economic Philosophy of Jawaharlal Nehru (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, D. Mukhopadhayay Rs. 990
Economic Reforms and Agriculture Development (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, Praveen Sharma Rs.1450
Economics of Amartya Sen (Eds.) Ajit K. Sinha, Raj K. Sen Rs. 550
Economics of Asymmetric Information (Eds.) D.M. Nachane, B. Chatterjee Rs. 550
Economics of Education and Health in India (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, M.A. Salam Rs.2150
Economics of J.K. Mehta : A Peep into Mehtanomics (Eds.)P. Kumar, J.K. Singh Rs. 480
Economics of Child Labour (Ed.) K.P. Kannan Rs. 520
Economics of Good Governance (Eds.) Anil Kumar Thakur, Paramanand Singh Rs. 1280
Economics of Mahatma Gandhi : Challenges and Development (Eds.) Anil Kumar Thakur, Mithilesh Kumar Sinha Rs.1680
Education, Growth and Development (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, Manish Dev Rs. 1580
Emerging Money Market in India (Ed.) Alak Ghosh Rs. 400
Environment and Development (Ed.) G.S. Monga Rs. 700
Exchange Rate Behaviour in Developing Countries (Eds.) Alak Ghosh, Rakesh Raman Rs. 700
Fiscal Federalism in India (Ed.) P.K. Chaubey Rs. 700
Gender Empowerment and Development (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, Dalip Kumar Rs.2350
Global Meltdown and Indian Economy (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, Paramanand Singh Rs. 1280
Global Recession and Economic Recovery (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, Arun Prabha Choudhary Rs.950
Globalisation and Agricultural Crisis in India (Ed.) Y.K. Alagh Rs. 800
Growth and Diversification of Agriculture (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, K.B. Padmadeo Rs. 1750
Growth and Human Development (Eds.) Inderjeet Singh, A.K. Thakur Rs. 880
Growth of Real Sector in Indian Economy (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, Dalip Kumar Rs. 950
Growth Theory and Globalisation of India (Eds.) Anil Kumar Thakur, M.S. Kallur 978 Rs. 1980
Human Development and Economic Development (Ed.) Ruddar Datt Rs.990
Indian Economic Development : Globalisation, Transformation, Equity, Crime & Economic Thinking (Ed.) R.K. Sen Rs. 480
Indian Higher Education and Tribals (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, N. Sharma 978 Rs. 1650
Indian Public Finance and Twelfth Finance Commission (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, M.A. Salam Rs.1350
Interlinking of Rivers in India (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, Pushpa Kumari Rs. 880
International Institutions and Economic Development of Underdeveloped Countries (Ed.) M.R. Aggarwal Rs. 780
Inter-Regional Disparities in India (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, S.S. Singh Chauhan Rs. 2450
Market Economy and the State (Eds.) R.K. Sinha Rs. 520
Micro-Credit and Rural Development (Eds.) Anil Kumar Thakur, Praveen Sharma Rs. 1680
NGOs and Socio-Economic Development Opportunities (Eds.) Kamta Prasad, D.K. Madaan Rs. 850
Poverty and its Alleviation (Ed.) S.N. Misra Rs. 780
Poverty and Sustainable Development (Ed.) N.S. Iyengar Rs. 1180
Poverty in India : Global and Regional Dimensions (Ed.) K.N. Rao Rs. 990
Second Generation Economic Reforms in India (Ed.) Ruddar Datt Rs. 900
Social Choice and Development (Eds.) Ruddar Datt, Dhirendra N. Konar Rs. 450
Social Sector Development in India (Ed.) R.K. Sen Rs. 700
State Level Fiscal Reforms in the Indian Economy (Set in 2 Vols.) (Eds.) D.K. Srivastava, M. Narasimhulu Rs. 3200 (Set)
Structural Reforms and Agriculture (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, Mithilesh Kumar Sinha 978 Rs. 1250
Teaching and Research in Economics (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, S.S. Somra Rs. 680
V.K.R.V. Rao and B.R. Shenoy : Economic Ideas in Contrast (Ed.) Kamta Prasad Rs.430
Wage Goods Approach to Development (Eds.) G.S. Monga, M.M. Goel Rs. 540
WTO and India (Eds.) A.K. Thakur, N. Sharma Rs. 1880
WTO and the Indian Economy (Ed.) G.K. Chadha Rs. 900
Economics of Amartya Sen (eds.) Ajit Kumar Sinha & Raj Kumar Sen, Rs. 550 (paperback Rs. 180)
Restructuring of the Textile Sector in India (eds.) Ajit Kumar Sinha & S.K. Sashi Kumar, Rs. 450
Social Choice and Development (eds.) Ruddar Datt & Dhirendra Nath Konar, Rs. 450
Economic Reforms and Employment (eds.) P.D. Hajela & M.P. Goswami, Rs. 950
NGOs and Socio-Economic Development Opportunities (ed.) Kamta Prasad, (Astt.ed) D.K. Madaan,Rs. 550
Wage Goods Approach to Development, (eds.) G.S. Monga & M.M. Goel, Rs. 54
Exchange Rate Behaviour in Developing Countries, (eds.) Alakh Ghosh & Rakesh Raman, Rs. 650
Banking and Financial Sector Reforms in India, (eds.) Amalesh Banerjee & Shrawan Kumar Singh, Rs. 900
Environment and Economic Development, (ed.) G.S. Monga, Rs. 700
Emerging Money Market in India, (ed.) Alakh Ghosh, Rs. 400
Rao and Shenoy-Ideas in Contrast, (ed.) Kamta Prasad, Rs. 430
Economic Thoughts of Dadabhai Naoroji, (ed.) P.D. Hajela, Rs. 430
The Market and the State: Concepts, Experiences and Emerging Issues, (ed.) R.K. Sinha, Rs. 520
Second Generation Economic Reforms in India, (ed.) Ruddar Datt, Rs. 900
WTO and Indian Economy, (ed.) G.K. Chadha, Rs. 650 (paperback Rs. 240)
Crime, Corruption, and Development, (ed) D. Narashimha Reddy, Rs. 500
Economics of Child Labour, (ed.) K.P. Kannan, Rs. 520
Concept of Human Development, (ed) Ruddar Datt, Rs. 990
Economics and Ethics, (ed.) S. Uma Devi, Rs. 400
Social Sector Development in India, (ed) Raj Kumar Sen. Rs.700
Globalisation and Agricultural Crisis in India, (ed) Y.K.Alagh. Rs.800
International Institutions and Economic Development of Underdeveloped Countries, (ed) M.R.Aggarwal. Rs 780
Economic Liberalisation and its Implications for Employment, (eds) Ashok Mathur & P.S.Raikhy. Rs. 990.
Fiscal Federalism in India, (ed) P.K.Chaubey. Rs. 700
State Level Fiscal Reforms in the Indian Economy, (eds) D.K.Srivastava & M.Narasimhulu.(Vols. I&II) Rs. 3200.(Set)
Economics of Asymmetric Information, (eds) D.M.Nachane & Biswajit Chatterjee. Rs.550
Economics of J.K.Mehta: A Peep into Mehtanomics,(eds) Prahlad Kumar & Jiwitesh Kumar Singh. Rs.480
Economic Ideas of Professor A.K.Dasgupta: A Centenary Tribute, (ed) S.C.Srivastava. Rs.480
Poverty in India: Global and Region Dimensions, (ed) K.Nageswarw Rao.Rs.990
Amartya Sen and Human Development, (eds.) A.K. Thakur, Aparna Bhardwaj,Rs. 2050
Economics of Sustainable Development, (eds.) A.K. Thakur, Deepti Taneja, Rs. 1980