Regional Associations

Regional Economic Association

The Indian Economic Association is a national level body of the economics professionals. There are number of Regional level bodies in the different states of the country, which organize their own annual conferences and other academic events at the regional levels. The Indian Economic Association has informal networking arrangements with the different Regional Economic Associations, with a view to promote synergy in the efforts aimed at improving the professional standards in the country.

In pursuance to our mission of reaching IEA activities to the grass root, IEA has been collaborating with Regional Economic Associations and University Departments and colleges, so that they may play more effective role by organizing seminars. Since 2012, IEA has been giving yearly grant to some regional associations/ university department/ colleges.

So far, for the year 2016-17, grants have been given to the tune of Rs. 1 lakh each for International Seminar for "sustainable Development: Challenges and Strategies" organized by Dept. of Economics, Govt. PG College, Gopeshwar, Uttrakhand on 21 - 22 October, 2016 and for International Conference on "Education and Economic Development with special reference to Globalization and SDG in North East Region (ICEED-2016)", organized by: Morigaon College, Assam on 14 - 16 September, 2016.

The details and ensuing programmes of the Regional Economic Associations is given below: